Onstage Designs

Onstage Designs is an interior design and consulting firm which provides innovative interior design solutions for commercial premises using the principles of Feng-shui. Onstage Desgins wanted to re-brand their business to reflect this creative attitude in their Logo and website. Salkreation designed the Logo symbolic of directions, colors and open space and put together a [...]

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Always Available

Customer service is our priority, we answer all our emails in a timely manner and will always be available when you need us.

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Quick Turnaround

Most of our projects are completed in 4-6 weeks! We follow a milestone based process that makes it easy for clients to stay on top of the project development.

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Principles of Great Website Design

Like most of us, you know what works when you see it. You've visited – probably even made purchases from – at least a few websites that made your information-gathering and buying process so simple, you found what you needed and made your purchase in just a few minutes. As leading website designers, we understand the [...]

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Acting Coach and Director – Qaeed Kuwajerwala

We exceeded our lead generation target by 430%  and we also got a great web video solution at a surprisingly affordable price! Our website turned out even better than I anticipated.  The Salkreation team was great to work with. They were focussed, professional and deadline driven. We were hard pressed for time given the launch dates, [...]

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